The Sunkist brand is among the most recognised and respected in the world. We value your trust in us, which is why only the very best products bear the Sunkist name.

Sunkist is a leading food and beverage licensor, licensing the Sunkist trademark to more than forty food and beverage companies worldwide. You’ll find the Sunkist brand on more than 600 products in over forty-five countries on five continents. Gross annual sales of Sunkist brand products exceed $1.2 billion globally. Our partners take pride in producing the highest quality products to meet the consumer’s expectations of the Sunkist brand.

Sunkist brand products can be found in several categories, including Fruit Juice and Fruit Juice Drinks, Carbonated Beverages, Fruit Snacks, Beverage Concentrates, Vitamins, Frozen Fruit Confections, Chilled Fruit Jellies and Powdered Fruit Drinks.

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